Teaching Kids to Help Their Friends

This weeks fun finds is an awesome one, if I should say so myself.  I recently had a friend that purchased a pretty cool looking tee for her son.  As a parent, we are always looking for cool things for our little ones.  So of course, in the process of reading hashtags, I found that she had purchased it from Mightee Kids.

[Taken straight from their site] : Mightee Kids allows parents to teach their kids about less fortunate friends.  $5 is donated to the charity they learn about. New charity supported every month.  

So just like my love for Sevenly which give back a different cause each week with every purchase, they are specifically for children.  Can you say awesome?!  Here's their How It Works Video


This month's cause is for charity: water In so many parts of our world, children and families sometimes have to travel long distances to get water.  Most times their water is not clean and many fall ill to the contaminants in the water.  Help friends get clean water by purchasing one of these awesome tees.  Mightee Kids even offer a video to share with your little ones to help teach them a bit more about the cause. 


I can't wait to get my tee's for the kids soon.  We hope you have an awesome weekend.