Together We Rise | Disneyland Day

Out of all the Disneyland visits I've had, I've never experienced it through a child's view, let alone a foster child's eyes. If I could take it one step further, a foster child's eyes that had never experienced Disneyland.

If I could take it another step further, all ten foster kids in our group had never experienced Disneyland and a few of them were reunited with their siblings while they were there. How awesome is that?!

With volunteers as their guide, the kids were be able to explore the rides and adventures with their sticky fingers and Mickey ears. To watch them meet their favorite characters for the first time while chomping on churros and lollipops was absolutely priceless!

With the help Together We Rise, a local non-profit organization which organized the children, volunteers, photographers and sponsors, they made over 300 foster kids' dreams come true! To capture their joy and excitement was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It made me realize how special it is to love on those who need it more than I know. 

We're looking to work closer with Together We Rise in the future to help more kids transition through their foster experience in a positive and fun way. 

If you want to learn more about what Together We Rise does and their impact on foster children, check out their site: Together We Rise

I hope you enjoy these images from their Disney Day!