We are so excited to spending time with you & your family this Sunday.  We can't wait to celebrate!  Please take a moment to fill out the form below to sign up for what your family will be bringing to our Christmas Festivities.  

We'll be updating the list here as they come in, so that everyone will be able to see what's on the menu. The Holt Fam will be providing all the utensils, dinnerware & cups. 

Here's what we have on the menu so far:

Appetizer / Snack

  • Bacon wrapped dates stuffed with gruyere cheese - Seo Family

Main Dish

  • Christmas Ham - Holt Family

Side Dish

  • Cheesy Potatoes - Park Family
  • Side Dish - Bowles Family


  • TBD - Holt Kids
  • Peppermint topped brownies & Sugar Cookies - Yambao Fam


Lastly, we would love for you to participate in the white elephant gift exchange.  We would love to open it up to each family with a cost amount of up to $10, wrapped & with no name. If you would like to participate individually, please feel free to, the more the merrier! 


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What's the name of your dish?


We look forward to having a great time together!  We love our small group & wouldn't imagine celebrating any differently. 


Chris, Gina, Jade & Jarron