Personal Portraits of A Strong, Independant Woman // Jeanelle

It's my pleasure to introduce you to Jeanelle.  She's a lover of GOD, a daughter, a sister, & a mother to 2 amazing children.  If you thought that was enough, she's also been described by friends, co-workers and family to be one of the most inspirational, hard working, a role model to her students, a dear friend to many, a Star Wars Lego lover, fun to be around, I can go on and on, there are so many more wonderful things to be said about her.  Jeanelle is a strong, independant woman who stands strong for what she believes in.    

Jeanelle is not only an RN as serves as a Critical Care Educator at USC, she is also an entrepreneur as an associate for Usana Health Sciences, Inc. and yet still finds time to be with her children, spend time with family and teach Sunday School at her church. She recently was recognized as one of the newest directors of TEAM WEST a collection of highly motivated individuals with the philosophy of "We Encourage Success Today."    

Here are some personal portraits of the wonderful Jeanelle.  


Commit to Success.

Success is a certain feeling you have about yourself.

It’s a very positive, energetic, motivating feeling –

a feeling of ambition, drive, confidence, and forward momentum.