Welcoming Baby Jackson with The York Family // Chino Hills, California

I actually met Dorothy a while ago.  She was my RN supervisor in my previous life as a nurse.  Although we didn't work together for very long, again through the beautiful world of social media, we were able to keep in touch.  

As most creatives will understand, receiving messages that their work is loved is such an amazing feeling, and when Dorothy said she wanted me to take photos of her newest addition, baby Jackson, I was beyond thrilled.  

We began our session at the York family home and then headed to a near by park for a bit more fun.  Here are just a few of my favorite moments captured during my time with Dorothy and her beautiful family.  Jackson even got to show off his first pair of Jordan's. Jayden is an awesome big sister, always making sure he was ok.

Jason, Dorothy, Jayden and Jackson, thanks so much for a great time together.  I look forward to seeing the kids continue to grow into even more amazing kiddos.