Beautiful Outdoor Family Portraits // Tabares Family


It's been such a blessing to have captured so many beautiful families.  We want to introduce you to the Tabares Family.  One of many families that our beloved La has introduced us to over the past year. Claire had just given birth to Sydney when we had our We HEART La Benefit, November 2012, and wasn't able to have her photos taken. Fast forward one year later, we were excited to meet and get to know Claire, Oliver and Sydney.  

When Claire & I were finalizing our session together, she had mentioned that she wanted our session at a location with beautiful golden trees that represented the season's changing.  We found a location perfect for this.  We had such a wonderful time together, we laughed almost the entire session.  

Claire and Oliver, we look forward to taking some time to hang out at Disneyland with you guys soon.  We are so blessed to be able to see Sydney continue to grow into a beautiful little lady.