Downtown Los Angeles Maternity Session // Fatima & Titus


If you follow us on Facebook, (if you have not yet, join us here) you may remember a post that I mentioned about how excited I was to hear the awesome news of one of my dearest friends sharing the news of expecting a new little one.  I want to introduce you to my sister from another mister, Fatima.  In my past life as a nurse, Fatima and I were inseparable (with many moments of us getting into trouble for laughing so much) - many moments of patients confusing us for one another.  We have so many great memories together.  If you know Fatima you will agree with me when I say that her laugh is contagious & her smile is truly genuine.  

As many of her and Tus' friends and family know, these two were always meant for one another and to find out they were expecting was such exciting news.  This past Sunday, we celebrated with one awesome baby shower - these two are more than loved.  During the baby shower, they also revealed their little bundle of joy's name - Baby Dominic.  There is an awesome story behind choosing his name, but I'll leave that for the parents-to-be to share.

It's so awesome to see how excited Tus is for his soon-to-be bundle of joy.  I always love when father's show so much excitement, love and emotion.  Tus shows and shares all of the above.  Tus is going to be an amazing daddy.   

We were blessed to have captured such a wonderful moment in their lives and be part of so many more.  Congratulations again Fatima and Tus, we can't wait to meet Dominic real soon.  

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