Oak Glen Family Portraits on The Farm // Merino Family

I have been so excited to share this session with you all.  It's truly amazing to meet so many awesome family's. I thank GOD everyday for placing such wonderful people in my life, allowing us time together to celebrate and share these cherished moments.  Luis has been my son, Jarron's, classmate since Kindergarten.  Luis is silly, makes funny faces, a smile that will make your day brighter, and has an infectious laugh.  He loves cars, Disneyland, swimming and life.  When I talked to Sylvia, Luis' gorgeous mommy, tears begin to accumulate at the bottom of our eyes. You see, Luis was diagnosed with Duchenne Disease just a little over 2 years now.  You can find more information about Duchenne Disease here.   

Our school has been amazing, showing their support every way they can and the teachers even came together last Christmas and bought Luis his wheelchair that he uses when he gets tired at school.  Hats off to their continued love and support.

After over 2 years of Silvia and I passing by one another as we drop off and pick up our children at school, exchange smiles, hello's and engage in small talk, I wanted to show her my support and love.  As GOD does amazing things, our timing was perfect, she had mentioned that she had been looking for the right photographer to do family photos as Luis continues to fight this disease. Gladly, we scheduled our time together.  

Capturing moments with the Merino family was easy.  Their love for one another naturally shows and the love that Silvia and her husband, Luis have for one another is truly eminent.  

Silvia and Luis, we thank you for allowing us to take part is such important times in your family's lives.  You are amazing parents and wonderful friends. 

Little Luis, you are amazing and awesome!  We look forward to seeing you continue to fight on and be strong.  Your brother and sister, Diego & Daysi are so blessed to call you their BIG bro! Jarron and Jade are thankful to have you as their friend.  We need to plan another day out together soon.  


We had a blast with the entire Merino Family.  Here are more amazing images of their gorgeous session.  

We love and support the Merino family and with your help we can continue to share our love.  As fall is just around the corner, it's time to start scheduling holiday portraits.  We are offering you the opportunity to show some love to Luis and his family, simply schedule a family session with us and proceeds from your session will be given to the Merino family to help with care for Luis, support his continue his fight against Duchenne and help find a cure for this devastating disease.

We are encouraging everyone to share this blog post with friends and family to help spread the word.  Please take a moment to fill out our form below for more information on scheduling your family session.

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