Father's Day

     Father's Day is coming up and we know how hard he works for his family. Our dear friend Faith shared her story of how much her kids love their dad and what he means to them.

     "When my husband comes home from work he is exhausted. He spends his whole day working to provide for his family. One thing about him that amazes me, are all days when he comes home after a long day at work and wrestles with our son, sits down and patiently colors pictures with our young daughter, or comes and helps me cook dinner or do dishes in the kitchen. He is teaching our children so well by example. He shows them that he loves them constantly, even if he is completely worn out. He is an incredible spiritual leader for our family, and guides our children lovingly through learning right from wrong. He always know how to make any of us laugh and is always making everything so much more fun!

     Having a father is such a precious thing, and my husband does it so well. I learn so much from him. I am thankful for him each day, but I look forward to celebrating him extra on Father’s Day, and making a point to show him he is loved and appreciated for all that he does to love, support, and guide our family. Finding a special gift to show our love can be hard. We love him so much, what object could possibly express a token of that."

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Let’s get Dad in the picture this Father’s Day!

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