Newborn Portraits | Kiara

I still remember when I first found out that Dimple and Ravi were expecting baby #2.  We were on Keenan’s 1 year session and one of the last photos, Ravi and Dimple were having Keenan pose with 2 fingers up.  I knew right then and there as my eye’s began to fill with happy tears.  As a photographer, we are sometimes asked to keep secrets, as we are the first to know some of the most exciting things.  This was the case here, and this wonderful secret was safe with us. 

We are so excited that we have another year of milestones with Dimple, Ravi, Keenan and now Kiara.  Kiara is beautiful and nothing short of a perfect princess.  We look forward to the rest of the year together and seeing her continue to grow more and more beautiful each time we meet. 

Congrats again Ravi, Dimple and Keenan.  

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