Zach Perez | 1 Year Portraits

One of the things I absolutely love about our grow with me session's is becoming part of your story.  The first year in your child's life is full of amazing stories of sleepless nights, milestones of the first time they turned over, sat up and took their first steps.  

With little Zachary, I remember meeting him for the first time in his newly decorated Star Wars themed nursery.  I was over the moon meeting him, and was so excited for him - he has some pretty awesome parents after all, and is blessed with 2 older sisters that will be sure to take great care of him.  

As life is in constant whirlwind with soccer practice, school and work, Zach's 1 year session was set after his birthday, but boy did we have a blast.  Take a moment and see this handsome stud work the camera.  He's a natural.  

Zach, Sandra, Lucilla, Amelia & Little Z - Thanks so very much for allowing us to be part of so many of your special occasions and milestones in your families lives.  We love seeing your family and look forward to our time together again soon.