Dypiangco Family

Photos can capture so many different emotions and looking through the Dypiangco's session, all I can do is smile.  I am sure by the time you have looked through it, you will be all smiles as well. Not only are they a beautiful family, each one of them individually are amazing!

Joe, M and Miranda, we are so thankful to have you in our lives.  Over the last months, we've not only become friends, but we are ohana.  [I've held back referencing a particular Disney movie, haha!] Looking forward to making more memories together.  We love you guys!

De La Cruz-Foster Family Session


When strangers become friends and when friends become family. 

That’s what the DLaC-F’s are to us.  It’s been such a blessing to do life alongside these beautiful people.  In the short couple of years that we’ve had the opportunity to get to know one another, we’ve become part of the same family – our hula ohana.

With the pleasure of Jade and Eden becoming such amazing friends, watching Ava and Alyssa continue to blossom into strong, amazing women and being big sisters to both Jade & Jarron, it’s only natural that our friendships with Rachel and Keith continue to grow. 

Keith, Rachel, Ava, Alyssa and Eden – thank you all so much for allowing us to make memories with you.  Your beautiful inside and out and we are happy to have you in our lives.   

Xoxo, Gina

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Ava's 1 Year Cake Smash

Ava was SO excited to be turning ONE.  Ava’s beautiful smile says it all. 

She totally loved her cake smash and we absolutely loved being part of it all.  We are so grateful to have been back to the F family house to celebrate another milestone in their family.  

Jason, Heather, Austin and Ava – we can not find the words to thank you and tell you how grateful we are to be part of your celebrations.  We love your family and can’t wait to see you again real soon.

Xoxo, Gina

Ava_Frudakis [One Year]-0107.jpg

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