Kiara's 6 Month Grow With Me Session

Yay!  Kiara turned 6 months and we are grateful to be part of this milestone.  She’s sitting up, loves her big brother Keanan, is a happy, happy baby, a total daddy’s girl and can’t wait to play dress up with Mommy and be her little mini.

It’s been such a pleasure to see Ravi and Dimple’s family grow.  We still feel like it was yesterday when  they surprised me with the news of Kiara’s arrival at Keanan’s 1 year session. 

Ravi, Dimple, Keanan and Kiara – thank you so much for putting your continued trust in us to capture these amazing memories and for welcoming us into your amazing family.  It’s been such a gift for us.  We are so excited to be seeing you again real soon as Kiara turns 1 year! 

Xoxo, Gina

Espejo Family Portraits

Let me begin this post by saying that I love all my families equally.  We are so thankful that we have been trusted to be part of SO many happy milestones, made memories that we had never known were so important and made friends and family along this journey.  Thank you everyone for welcoming me into your lives.

Tus, Fatima and Dominic have to be one of my favorite families.  Well, to be fair, they are [just about] my family.  Before Dom came along, Fatima and I were sisters with a love/hate friendship.  We just loved to be mean to one another, but in a super I love you kind of way.  LOL Fast forward, Dominic has not only brought sunshine to our lives, we couldn’t think of life without him.  Isn’t my godson the most handsome? 

Tus, Fatima and Dom – love you guys!

Xoxo, Gina

De La Cruz-Foster Family Session


When strangers become friends and when friends become family. 

That’s what the DLaC-F’s are to us.  It’s been such a blessing to do life alongside these beautiful people.  In the short couple of years that we’ve had the opportunity to get to know one another, we’ve become part of the same family – our hula ohana.

With the pleasure of Jade and Eden becoming such amazing friends, watching Ava and Alyssa continue to blossom into strong, amazing women and being big sisters to both Jade & Jarron, it’s only natural that our friendships with Rachel and Keith continue to grow. 

Keith, Rachel, Ava, Alyssa and Eden – thank you all so much for allowing us to make memories with you.  Your beautiful inside and out and we are happy to have you in our lives.   

Xoxo, Gina

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